EFE innovations – always rich in ideas

EFE is raising its reputation as a partner of the power electronics industry further, due to its newly developed cooling system. By using new cooling techniques and perfecting casting technologies, the thermal power and cooling effects can be improved considerably. Undesired heat transfer can furthermore be avoided, and the secondary heat dissipation can be re-used for the cooling process with the help of special air ducts.

This product is thus an interesting development for a number of industries, including the producers of machine tools, control cabinets, railway technology and other electrically driven vehicles, the aviation industry, and renewable energy facilities.

Moreover, EFE equips its cooling elements with an additional cabinet heat dissipation. For this, an air heat exchanger for secondary cooling is integrated on the EFE coldplate, which also dissipates lost heat from other modules, such as restrictors, air gap switches and electronic components. This special design ensures that the entire cabinet, not just the converter, is cooled. The EFE cooling elements in use are equipped with additional convective fins.