Designer radiators

– For truly individual ideas –

We especially pride ourselves on our ability to supply customised radiators in a wide variety of designs – from unpretentious, contemporary elegance to extravagant one-offs. Maybe you fancy a hedgehog, dolphin or some other modern and individual shape? It is lovingly designed features like this that give a room its own atmospheric effect.

Whether made as a one-off or as a complete set for a whole building, whether in coloured or metallic bright finish, all EFE designer radiators conform to the same technical principle: they can be connected to any standard radiator system.

  • Anwendungsbeispiel Schuhtrockner an der Wand im Appartement
  • Schutrockner in Holzoptik an der Wand von EFE Eßbach
  • Schutrockner in Holzoptik von EFE EßbachDetailansicht

Shoe dryers

Interior design instead of standard radiators

EFE radiators in simple and modern designs merge harmoniously into your individual interior concept. And if you are aiming to create an impression of luxury, standard features are to be avoided at all costs. The EFE designer shoe radiator for drying caps, hiking boots and ski boots, blends harmoniously into the design of any hotel room. Your guests can take their expensive ski equipment with them to their luxury apartment. This is the sort of added value that your guests will really appreciate.

Radiators as individual as your wishes

EFE not only offers an attractive choice of motifs but also designs and crafts radiators entirely according to individual customer wishes. Would you like to create a real eye-catcher at your company location and give the room a highly individual touch? How about your three-dimensional company logo as a designer radiator, free-standing in the foyer of your company headquarters? The relief-like surface can be given a bright metallic or a 3D lacquer finish. We can shape and form radiators to realise (almost) any unusual customer request.

EFE designer radiators in plain and modern designs or with motifs and forms derived from the marine life and plant kingdoms are a good choice when it comes to original furnishings.

  • Heizkörper in Delphinform von EFE Eßbach
  • Heizkörper in Igelform mit Halterung für Handschuhe oder Mützen von EFE Eßbach

For really cosy ideas!

Are you looking for a designer radiator to give a bathroom or living area your own personal touch?

We can help you to design rooms that exude warmth and aesthetic charm.
Because a designer radiator is not only a source of cosy warmth but also constitutes an essential part of the decor.

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