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Customised heat exchanger stations

If a separation of the water circuits is required, EFE offers individual heat exchanger stations for transfers ranging from just a few watts to more than 80 kW. These stations are 100% developed by us and delivered to the end customer as a system assembly.

Kompakte Wärmetauscheranlage für Server von EFE Eßbach
Individuelle und Komplexe Wärmetauscheranlage im Schrank
Individuelle und Komplexe Wärmetauscheranlage im Schrank

EFE full-package range!

Complete control cabinet equipment and individual heat sink assemblies are also realised in our production facility and can be installed and commissioned at your site as finished systems. Complex assembly work is not necessary during installation.

  • individuelle und komplexe Wärmetauscheranlage von EFE Eßbach
  • Dichtheitsprüfung an einem Flüssigkeitskühlkörper von EFE Eßbach
  • Verteilereinheit mit Messsensor von EFE Eßbach
  • Verteilereinheit von EFE Eßbach
  • Qualitätsprüfung einer Wärmetauscheranlage mit Thermokamera
  • Anschlüsse lasergeschweißt von EFE Eßbach

Fully equipped control cabinets

Many customers also ask us to take care of all the water-cooling aspects of their switch cabinet. The empty switch cabinet is handed over to us by the customer and then fully equipped by the experienced EFE team in line with the documents and diagrams received. After assembly, the control cabinets are tested for leaks under pressure. All systems are subjected to 100% testing which is fully documented as a matter of course.

Thermal observations carried out on various test benches are also part of our service portfolio.

Montage eines Siemens Sinamics Modul mit Coldplate

Active cooling technology and filter devices

For active cooling, we rely on proven solutions from BKW, a company with which we collaborate on technology conceptualisation. This means that our heat sinks can also be used on machines where there is no access to cooling water. The cooling unit can, in turn, be expanded with a second or third cooling circuit for further tasks such as cooling lubricant, linear motors, spindles or hydraulics.

Together with our partners at kuema, we find suitable solutions for the filtration of operating fluids.

Logo BKW
  • BKW Küma Wärmerückkühler groß von EFE Eßbach
  • BKW Küma Wärmerückkühler groß von EFE Eßbach
  • Wärmerückkühler von BKW Küma
  • Küma Kühlmittelfilteranlage mit Späneförderer
  • Küma Kühlmittelfilteranlage mit Späneförderer lang Ansicht 2
  • Küma Kühlmittelfilteranlage mit Späneförderer lang

Thermostatic control is used to prevent condensation – in the case of water-cooled systems by means of a thermostatic valve, and in the case of a cooling circuit by means of an injection valve.

The heat sink design favoured by EFE allows it to be directly connected to a cooling circuit without having to use a coupling medium such as water.

Ideas for complex situations!

Do you need a reliable partner for individual heat exchanger stations complete with peripherals or for the supply of fully equipped control cabinets?

We consider your heat dissipation requirements in their entirety before implementing a solution that complies with our rigorous testing and quality guidelines. In this way, we can decisively improve thermal performance and cooling effects. Unwanted heat transfer is eliminated.

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