Laser-welded heat sinks

– Truly innovative ideas –

Laser-welded heat sinks

– Truly innovative ideas –


Laser-welded heat sinks – innovative and variable

Our laser-welded heat sinks are ideal for closed and monitored water circuits. We can supply heat sinks made of pure aluminium or copper with a high variability of the inner coolant-carrying contour. Batch sizes of one not a problem!

Our process allows a prefabricated base plate to be enclosed on both sides with a cover plate. This ensures that heat sinks can be safely mounted on either side. In addition to flat heat sinks in sizes up to 1,000mm, it is also possible to supply heat sleeves up to an axial height of 200mm / radial 450mm.

While other processes, such as soldering, often involve the use of fluxes, our process is residue-free and ensures a high level of corrosion resistance.

  • Vorgang des Laserschweißens an einem Bauteil
  • Gelasertes Element für die Kühlkörperfertigung
  • Anschlüsse lasergeschweißt von EFE Eßbach

Advantages of laser-welded heat sinks

  • High degree of variability with regard to the inner coolant-carrying contour
  • Batch sizes of one not a problem
  • Secure double-sided mounting of heat sinks
  • Flat heat sinks and rotationally symmetrical cooling sleeves
  • High corrosion resistance due to our residue-free process
  • High resistance to pressure

Really innovative ideas!

Do you have closed and monitored water circuits in use and require a laser-welded heat sink?

We can guarantee a high degree of variability of the inner coolant-carrying contour and supply in batches as small as one.

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